Wednesday, April 11, 2007


It's a strange thing. I am really starting to see some synchronicities.

I did realize that our mind spots things when we plant an interest. The most common example is when you sort of notice a particular car model, you will start spotting that model quite often that will make you wonder how on earth all these cars are suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

Similarly, I have been reading a few books / articles  /audio clips and videos on the topic of law of attraction, or intention manifestation and it seems that everything I hear, including the songs that I notice on the radio seem somewhat related to that topic.

Sometime back I was reading a post on Steve Pavlina's blog about the how intentions manifest and he mentioned that there is an alpha state and a beta state. The alpha state is where you get some sort of an acknowledgement from the universe. I have been seeing a few of such synchronicity on some of the intentions that I intended. I had some of those ' creative winks' from the universe.

The period that usually make us give up on the intentions is the period which Pavlina calls the ' calm before the storm' period. I too had such periods where after a small creative wink from the universe, where there was a period which was more or less silent. The acknowledgement that I received seemed to be the only thing that was coming forth. Things seem to have gone back to the state that it was before. Skepticism starts to set in to your mind, questioning your intention and the whole idea about the law of attraction.

It is this period that you need to guard against. Intentions do become true. They are a self fulfilling prophecy. So when you start to question the intentions and start to think about the opposite, these opposite thoughts then become your intentions. Some other author has called this period, the period where you have hit a plateau. It is as if no matter what you do, you don't seem to be getting anywhere. This is the period where people give up just as something is going to materialize. It is like the last mile.

In my case, after a silent period, I am starting to see beta reflections or some real positive and long term outcomes for my intentions. I may be a little too early to predict this as I am assuming that I am seeing beta reflections. But by the looks of things, they seem like substantial beginnings. And I am exited. I am looking forward to the universe guiding me through to manifesting my intentions.

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