Monday, November 27, 2006

CBNSat is back!

Good news to all CBNSat subscribers. Seems they have go the go ahead to start transmissions today. So we can look forward to our favorite programs again.

The past few months without any decent entertainment has been painful to say the least. There was nothing much worth watching on TV.

Wishing CBNSat a roaring success, on the rebound!

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Had a peaceful Sunday, after all

It was nice to be home on a Sunday without having to worry about any work. I did have a lot of work piled up for this week (which I am tackling right now), I made a decision to not to worry about them, as I needed to give myself a break and to spend some time with family.

I have been spending time with my family but during the last week, I was pretty much drained out by the time I went home. Which left me falling asleep and hardly spending anytime with the baby. So I needed to properly spend time with them, by being there with the body, mind and soul. Not just physically. My wife was also getting annoyed with me for not spending any quality time with them (her and the baby).

So I spent the Sunday, just playing around with the baby. Meddling with my computer as it had crashed the day before and looking for a car to buy. I guess I managed to spend time on all activities, but this time, I managed to spend the time on it without my mind bothering about something else. I think finishing the PMP exam was one heck of a relief!

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Live Writer Update for Blogger beta

I have been having this problem with inability to post to blogger blog, from the date I migrated my blogger account to the blogger beta. I knew that it had something to do with my migration but somehow missed out on looking for a Live Writer upgrade. When I faced this proglem again, only did I remember to look for a Writer update, and I found it. Seems it has been available for sometime. So if you too are having a problem with the blogger beta and Live Writer beta (notice that both are BETA's), donwload the updated Writer version from here:

Happy blogging with Blogger beta and Writer beta.

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PMP Exam

Today was my D-day. Had the PMP examination. This was a four hour marathon!

I am not going to disclose anything about the exam. I did sign on a paper that said that I am not going to disclose the questions to outside parties. But what I can say is that it was a very subjective exam. Meaning they had asked about what should be done in different situations. I felt that those answers could be very subjective as what each person would do will depend on a lot of environmental factors, organizational culture and the personal preferences and characteristics.

But what I found good about the exam was that it did not hinder me because I did not know the inputs, tools & techniques and the outputs by heart. I did read all of it, but could not remember all of them. I am not good at memorizing things. But where ever it made logical reasoning possible, i remembered the process. The exam was not that heavily dependant on these. They had asked for some of those, but i managed to answer them using logical reasoning and logical elimination.

Well, all of this would hold true if I do get pass the exam. As I said, since it was a very subjective set of questions, I guess it will depend on closely my thinking and PMI's thinking aligns. Let's wait and see.