Thursday, April 05, 2007

Picasa web albums upgrades free storage limits

Seems Picasa has upgraded the free storage limit from 250 MB to 1 GB. This is certainly good news as I had already used up my 250 MB limit.  Since then, I had been uploading my pictures to webshots and snapfish.

Now that the storage limits have been upgraded, I can upload a few more of my albums to Picasa. That will be good for me as it will allow me to keep more of my albums in one place. Also, hope Picasa will allow uploading of videos as well.

Wonder how long more I will take to use up my 1 GB space. Hope Google will keep upgrading free disk space on Picasa. Way to go Google!


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Unknown said...

Yeah, its really cool news, cause 250 mb never was enough for me in 2007. It was 10 years some people can say that 2500 gb not enough for them)) By the way I got latest version of picasa on this service that always provides me only the best soft.