Monday, April 23, 2007

The Dyer Dozen.

I just finished listening to an audio program by Wayne Dyer called The Power of Intention,  which is based on his best selling book. This is a very interesting audio program which talks about a topic which I have developed an interest on lately. Wayne Dyer has been an authority in this area for quite sometime, but to me he was a late discovery.

I got introduced to this topic via Steve Pavlina's blog. Steve called it Intention-manifestation. I have to tell you honestly my earlier dabbling's with this topic has been disappointing, which led me to be very skeptical about this topic.

But after coming across a new video called The Secret, my interest in this topic grew again and my recent dabbling's have been quite revealing! In this program they call it The Law of Attraction. The concept is to attract what you want to your life. This process has what you need to do to attract / how to attract and being ready to receive.

Wayne Dyer proposes twelve rules for realizing the power of intention in his The Power of Intention book. Here are those twelve golden rules. I will just list them.

  1.  Want more for others than you want for yourself -This is selflessness.
  2. Think from the end - Think about the results.
  3. Be an appreciator - Look for what is valuable, not worthless.
  4. Stay in rapport with source energy - be in a state of harmony with your source. Always think is this how my source thinks?
  5. Resistance - every thought you have that is other than that which you emanated from is resistance.
  6. Contemplate your self with the conditions that you want in your life.
  7. Understand the art of allowing - take the path of least resistance.
  8. Practice radical humility.
  9. Be in a constant state of gratitude - this is a great way to weed out the negative thoughts from your mind.
  10. Don't condemn the problems
  11. Play the match game - Am I matched up with the field of intention?
  12. Meditate - take control over your mind.

This list is an exhaustive list of things that you can follow to make the power of intention work for you. I found this list basically talks more or less about the same things that the other authors in this topic area also talk about. The difference is each author has one or two additional things in the list. But invariably, you will find the same core things appearing in all lists.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A GLObal COmmunity for sharing the Internet Revenue

Do you know how Google makes it's money? By selling advertisements. It's search engine is used to push targeted advertisements to millions of users. When someone clicks on an ad Google serves along the side of the search results, it makes money.

Google realized that limited advertisements on their search engine alone is depriving them of hoarding space to publish their ads. So they then came up with AdSense, where web site owners could sign up to serve Google ads on their web sites. And through this model, Google shared the revenue with the site owners.

This and many similar programs are great if you have a web site or a blog and if you had people coming to your web site and clicking on the Google ads on your site. Click through rates will depend on a lot of things. For starters the ads shown on the site was based on the site content, so they were somewhat relevant, but is it what your site visitors are looking for?

And what if you don't have a web site or a blog and what if the traffic to your site was not so great. You were being left behind.

Cry no more- Welcome to AGLOCO. The Global Community of Internet surfers.

Come again? Global what? And how is it going to benefit me anyway? AGLOCO attempts to share the internet advertising revenue with the internet surfing community. Not the web masters and web site owners. Just normal everyday people like you and me, who spend a a significant part of our time browsing through the web, for information, for work, for entertainment or because we have nothing better to do. AGLOCO through it's viewbar, which is to be released shortly, will serve ads based on your preferences, which means you are likely to get the most relevant information pushed to you.

Of course, AGLOCO will charge the advertisers and content participants for doing this. But the beauty of this is, they will share that with you. Of course, they stand to earn a chunk. But then again, they are doing all the work, and they are sharing their revenue with you. So what?

The other thing about this is, there is no catch. You don't have to pay anything upfront, you don't have to sell anything to get qualified (of course if you refer others you stand to earn more - what do you think I am doing here ? ;)). You just have to download the view bar (when it becomes available, which should be pretty soon) and then go on surfing the internet just was you would do always.

So what are you waiting for? You got nothing to lose. Jump into the bandwagon. Earn a portion of billions of internet advertising revenue while you do surf. While you are jumping into the band wagon, go through this referral link to sign up.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007


It's a strange thing. I am really starting to see some synchronicities.

I did realize that our mind spots things when we plant an interest. The most common example is when you sort of notice a particular car model, you will start spotting that model quite often that will make you wonder how on earth all these cars are suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

Similarly, I have been reading a few books / articles  /audio clips and videos on the topic of law of attraction, or intention manifestation and it seems that everything I hear, including the songs that I notice on the radio seem somewhat related to that topic.

Sometime back I was reading a post on Steve Pavlina's blog about the how intentions manifest and he mentioned that there is an alpha state and a beta state. The alpha state is where you get some sort of an acknowledgement from the universe. I have been seeing a few of such synchronicity on some of the intentions that I intended. I had some of those ' creative winks' from the universe.

The period that usually make us give up on the intentions is the period which Pavlina calls the ' calm before the storm' period. I too had such periods where after a small creative wink from the universe, where there was a period which was more or less silent. The acknowledgement that I received seemed to be the only thing that was coming forth. Things seem to have gone back to the state that it was before. Skepticism starts to set in to your mind, questioning your intention and the whole idea about the law of attraction.

It is this period that you need to guard against. Intentions do become true. They are a self fulfilling prophecy. So when you start to question the intentions and start to think about the opposite, these opposite thoughts then become your intentions. Some other author has called this period, the period where you have hit a plateau. It is as if no matter what you do, you don't seem to be getting anywhere. This is the period where people give up just as something is going to materialize. It is like the last mile.

In my case, after a silent period, I am starting to see beta reflections or some real positive and long term outcomes for my intentions. I may be a little too early to predict this as I am assuming that I am seeing beta reflections. But by the looks of things, they seem like substantial beginnings. And I am exited. I am looking forward to the universe guiding me through to manifesting my intentions.

Friday, April 06, 2007

I miss you thaththi

It's been three years! Three years since you suddenly departed. Without a warning, without any signs, you suddenly left. I was out of the house at that time. By the time I came to you, you had already gone. Not even a good bye! And I found myself, hugging your lifeless body and crying, unable to believe that you are not going to wake up.

I had to stop crying, I was worried about ammi. I was worried about malli. I was the eldest, I had to be responsible. I was old enough to take up the responsibility. But I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready because I never envisioned a life without you. I guess I took you for granted. But then as Buddha preached, life never can be taken for granted.

You were more than a father to me. You were my best friend. You understood me perfectly. When I was restless, you gave me the space to grow. When I needed protection, you were a tower of strength, always by my side. You allowed me to live my own life. Never tried to force your dreams or expectations on me. When I did things that you knew were going to fail, you never told me not to. You allowed me to find out for myself. Always there, in case I fell. But when I fell flat on my face, you never said "I told you so". Instead you asked me, "What do you want to do next?"

Last year was a tremendous year in my life thaththi. I too became a father. I now have a little daughter. She is such an adorable kid, I wish you were here thaththi, to see her! She is just five months old, but I sometimes tell her about you. I tell her how much you would have loved her, if you were around. I regret her never getting to know you. She missed the opportunity to know her other seeya. But I will make sure that she will know about you. And I will try to become the father, that you were to me.

Lushi also misses you thaththi. Though doesn't know you that well, though she has met you only twice, she misses you too. She has instantly liked you the first day she saw you. She had thought you were a fun father-in-law to have. You with your jokes and mild manners, you had taken your place with her. She regrets not knowing you better. But I keep telling her about you, about all those little things that you did for us.

Amma has still not got over your departure. She took a long time to get back to her self. Well not really her old self. I guess she can never get back to her old self, because you were such a big part of her for such a long time.

I know malli misses you too. But we have never really spoken about it. You know malli is so much like you. He doesn't want to show his pain to anyone. He keeps it all inside. But I know he misses you terribly. You were his world!

It was you who showed taught us to accept life gracefully and to make the most of it. You taught us the values of living by your principles. You taught us to do our best and to happily accept the results. Your lessons are still in our hearts. Your lessons allow us to live consciously and make the right decisions in these testing times. Not matter how long it has been I still miss having you around thaththi. I used to ask you before every decision I had to make. You never made the decisions for me, instead you showed me all the options. Now, I have to seek the options on my own. I miss your far sightedness.

Above all, I miss your love. I miss your friendship. And I miss you!

We will be having an alms giving in your memory on the 7th (tomorrow). I wish you a short journey through sansara and wish you the supreme bliss of nibbana. But until such time, I want you as my father in each reincarnation! So long thaththi, till we meet again!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Picasa web albums upgrades free storage limits

Seems Picasa has upgraded the free storage limit from 250 MB to 1 GB. This is certainly good news as I had already used up my 250 MB limit.  Since then, I had been uploading my pictures to webshots and snapfish.

Now that the storage limits have been upgraded, I can upload a few more of my albums to Picasa. That will be good for me as it will allow me to keep more of my albums in one place. Also, hope Picasa will allow uploading of videos as well.

Wonder how long more I will take to use up my 1 GB space. Hope Google will keep upgrading free disk space on Picasa. Way to go Google!


Sri Lanka beat England by 2 runs

What a match! A real nail biter at the end. It came pretty close to the Sri Lanka vs. South Africa match, which we came so close to pulling off with Malinga's brilliant bowling. This time if was Dilhara who did the trick for us. Here I am trying on my expert match commentator cap :)

When we were batting the runs came very slow for us. The commentators very getting sarcastic about our batting till about the 30th over with them showing people dosing off on their seats. But I think our team batted with a game plan. The idea would have been to not to give too many wickets away in the beginning and then to open up towards the end of the innings. But unfortunately, we really couldn't open up towards the end of the innings either. Our shots kept finding the fielders directly with an occasional boundary.

According to the commentators, given tech condition of the pitch, a competitive target was in tech region of 270. Maybe they underestimated our bowling attack. I thin our bowlers did a great job to bowl the Englishmen out.

As we were battling and at one stage when England seemed to be in control I was dead scared that we should lose. I was fighting myself to contain all tech negativity. Our victory now keeps us within the top four teams. I hope we end up being on the third spot. Then we will probably meet New Zealand in the semis's. Let's see how it goes.

Congratulations Sri Lanka. You did great and made us all proud! You are flying our Sri Lanka flag high in the air in the Caribbean. There are forces who are trying to deviate your attention to other matters other than Cricket, which you can do nothing about. Don't get distracted by those who are trying to pull the fast ones by playing dirty mind games. Keep your concentration on Cricket, and you will have the final laugh!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Creating my personal workspace

I was reading Dilantha's post on the perfect workspace, and it just struck me. I no longer have a personal workspace. I have given up my desk at home ( no longer have a desk as such) and at office also I have got too used to moving desks too frequently.

I used to be the most generous guy at work, giving my desk to accommodate the newest member in my team and moving in to any desk that was available. The fact that I was on a laptop and the office having wireless connectivity helped. I personally didn't mind at all. I was more concerned about keeping my team members together rather than me having a permanent desk.

But I think my boss became worried that I might get hurt and ensured that I got myself a permanent desk when we re-organized the office. There was nothing to worry really. I was not bothered or feeling lesser because I was moving about. I was happy to be of any help. I was more interested in being part of the solution, rather than a part of the problem.

But, now that I have got a desk, and a quite large one at that, I was still not feeling very attached to the desk or the place. The result, a very impersonal desk. No photos, no personal stuff (well except for a teddy that my wife gave me for this Valentines' day). I usually pack up my laptop and go at the end of the day, so when that is gone, there's nothing on the desk except for a pile of papers.

Looking at the photos on Dilantha's post and the related links, I now have an urge to personalize my work space. First project would be to personalize my office desk. Let's see what I can do to make it personal and to make the place a very enjoyable place, considering the fact that I am spending most of my day at this desk.

Then I would move on to creating a cool desk for me at home as well. tags:

Monday, April 02, 2007

Sri Lanka beats West Indies by 113 runs!

Our team did it in style last night. We beat the hosts WI by 113 runs.

At the start, we looked a bit edgy. I was scared that we were going to see another fantastic collapse by the Sri lankan batting order. But our master blaster clicked. And with his 25th century, he brought victory to the Sri Lankan team.

Just remembered something. I remember someone saying that in order for Sri Lanka to win Jayasuriya has to play a big inning. Well, I certainly hope that is not true in all cases, but yesterday he DID play a fantastic innings. Oh and not forgetting the 3 wickets he took!

It was also nice to see Mahela coming back into runs. He needed to perform. He was getting a bit branded as a failure as he had not scored big runs, except in the match against Bermuda, who were the weakest of the minnows.

So what is next? With England on the 4th. Come to think of it, it is not much of a rest for our team. But hen again ICC has always been biased against us.Giving us the worst schedules. But that hasn't prevented our guys from performing.

Congratulations Sri Lanka.Keep up the good work! We are keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that you would make it to the Finals! And beat the crap out of the Aussies, in a repeat of 1996 finals!