Monday, April 02, 2007

Sri Lanka beats West Indies by 113 runs!

Our team did it in style last night. We beat the hosts WI by 113 runs.

At the start, we looked a bit edgy. I was scared that we were going to see another fantastic collapse by the Sri lankan batting order. But our master blaster clicked. And with his 25th century, he brought victory to the Sri Lankan team.

Just remembered something. I remember someone saying that in order for Sri Lanka to win Jayasuriya has to play a big inning. Well, I certainly hope that is not true in all cases, but yesterday he DID play a fantastic innings. Oh and not forgetting the 3 wickets he took!

It was also nice to see Mahela coming back into runs. He needed to perform. He was getting a bit branded as a failure as he had not scored big runs, except in the match against Bermuda, who were the weakest of the minnows.

So what is next? With England on the 4th. Come to think of it, it is not much of a rest for our team. But hen again ICC has always been biased against us.Giving us the worst schedules. But that hasn't prevented our guys from performing.

Congratulations Sri Lanka.Keep up the good work! We are keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that you would make it to the Finals! And beat the crap out of the Aussies, in a repeat of 1996 finals!


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