Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Choose your attitude

"There's always a choice about the way you do your work, even if there's not a choice about the work itself".

The more you think of this, the more it makes you realize how much control we have over the things that we are used to lament about. We are too used to complaining about our jobs, about how boring or over worked we are! But does all the complaining solve the problem or does it makes things worse?

I think it makes things worse because all the negative vibes are going to leave us with a negative attitude, making us hate what we do more! Actually it makes us react to the situation rather than being proactive and taking control over the situation.

If we choose an attitude that is positive and productive, then I am not saying the external conditions will change overnight, but at least we will enjoy what we do a little bit more. If we enjoy what we do and start taking a little more interest in it then the quality of our work will improve and gradually this will have a cascading effect and lead to a change in the external environment as well.

So, remember. We do have a choice. We can either choose to be grumpy, lazy and irritated or we can be lively, happy and enjoying what we do! We may not have a choice about what we do, but we certainly have a choice about how we do it.

The choice is ours, lets make the right one!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A poem

The look in your eyes,
With that tender smile,
Melts my heart down,
Making me helpless.

The tenderness in your eyes,
Glows under candle light,
They sparkle like the stars,
In the clear skies.

That smile on your face,
Speaks a thousand words,
Makes me realize again,
The love that you shower,

That smile brings out memories,
Of that precious moment,
When I totally fell in love,
With the smile on your lips.

The roses shy away,
Cos they cannot compete,
With the sweetness you emit,
With a smile on your lips.

I can never imagine,
A life without your love,
I will be as good as dead,
The minute you walk out!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Passed my MSc in IT with a distinction

I received a very good piece of news yesterday. I have passed my MSc in IT from the Keele University in UK with a distinction. And there are only three distinctions for the batch.

My project has earned me a mark of 82. This is what has earned me the distinction. I was very fortunate to have Chaminda Ranasinghe as my project supervisor, who is the best supervisor a student can get. When my father passed away during the last stages of the project, he bought me more time and also guided and motivated me to put my sorrows aside and to finish the project.

I just wish that my father was around to hear the news. He would have been the happiest out of the lot to hear about my achievement. Thaththi, this result is a dedication to you!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

A confession

Being married is complete and utter bliss. This is true no matter how people make fun about the idea of getting married or, how many jokes there are about being married and being trapped! My guess is those are written by people who have undergone very drastic marriages, or by people with one heck of a sense of humor.

Well, a few things need to fall into place in order for a marriage to work out. Firstly, you have to be married to the right person :) By right person what I mean is that you need to be in harmony with your partner. But if you can understand your partner and accept her for who she is, and if she can do the same, then you are married to the right person. I am married to the right person, simply because we understand each other and we have accepted each other! Thank you my love, for accepting me as I am and not trying to change me into someone that I am not :*)

Well, being married to the right person is only the beginning. It's like landing the perfect job. Just because you land the job it doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to be a success unless you perform. In other words, you need to work, hard! If we work hard to succeed in our jobs, in our exams, etc, why not we work hard in our marriages. Leave aside the hard part, how many of us actually work on our relationships. We tend to take our partners for granted once we get married. I am sure that I do the same at times. When pressure builds up at other fronts, the first thing we do is neglect our partners. I know that you would have felt at times that I have taken you for granted. But trust me, I have not.

The secret to a successful marriage is to keep the flame burning. Not just keeping it burning, but also making sure that (s)he knows it's burning inside you. When I was courting, I showered her with little gestures and actions. But since of late, I may have been romantic as I was. I know that the little things matter to you most and those little things have been a little slow to come by!

I think I am learning the art of making a marriage work. It will take time and effort, but I am looking forward eagerly, cos I know the rewards are well worth the effort. I am going to do the funky dance with you in my golden wedding anniversary. That's a promise that I give myself!