Monday, May 19, 2008

Wesak, Wesak, Wesak!!

Happy Wesak everyone. At least those of you who are in Sri Lanka are enjoying an extended weekend of 4 days this weekend. Some of you have been lucky enough to go out of Colombo. But I am in Colombo for several reasons as there were a few things we had to attend over the weekend.

To start off with there was a ‘bana’ and an alms giving on Friday and Saturday. Then there was Vidara and Thedara’s birthday party. Then there is the fact that my parent company being in the US, requiring me to be in Colombo with broadband connectivity in order to support thier operations. This is one of the things that I will have to do, working on US calendar as my head office. Something I figured would nt be much of a hassle. But in the long run I will have to get some Sri Lankan holidays, at least ones like the Sinhala New Year.

Coming back to Wesak, the recent bomb blast and the security situation in the country will put in a lot of restrictions on the Wesak celebrations. At least people will be a bit reluctant to travel to see the wesak celebrations due to security fears. Even my mother did not go to the usual temple that she goes to obtain SIL as today there is some big program with a lot of big shots in attendance and hence she was scared about being at a locations which is a prime target.

So on this noble day my wish is for peace in this paradise island. May we be allowed to celebrate wesak in peace and harmony next year wihout the fear of bombs and loss of life!

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devinclark said...

Happy Wesak! It's unfortunate that recent events have affected the security and celebration of this auspicious day. My wish is for peace and harmony in our beautiful island. On a lighter note, engaging in activities like playing asphaltnitro apk helps me keep my mind fresh and improve problem-solving skills. Let's hope for a future Wesak where we can celebrate without fear and enjoy the festivities to the fullest.