Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A tribute to a father

Dear Thaththi,

I remember that day, four years ago. The day that changed our lives in a flash. Can't imagine how time flies and how we coped up. But life goes on and we have come to terms! Thought I'd write a short note in your memory!

I am what I am today, because of what you made of me. The values you instilled and the love you bestowed. You taught me to live by principles and values. You taught me that knowledge is more important than money. You taught me love is unconditional. You taught me the virtue of patience (I was a brat and a half, wasn't I?). Above all, you taught me what a father should be to a child!

Today, when I stand in front of my kid, I ask myself, is this how thaththa dealt with me. Because I know, if I parent my kid, the way you parented me, nothing can ever go wrong!
It's been four years since you took your leave from us. The gods must have thought that your place was among them rather than among us! But what they failed to see was the impact it would have on us, how we would go on without you around!

We depended on you for everything. The mere fact that you were around was so much of a relief, we knew you would be there to put things right, if we messed up! Now that we are left to mend for our selves, I had no idea of the weight you were shouldering. Responsibilities you bore, with so much ease, you made it look like it was a breeze. Once they fell on our shoulders only did we realize the breadth and depth of them all. But with the grooming we received from you, we are managing!

We are all doing good Thaththi. I am sure you will be proud of us all. Then again, you must be knowing that! You gave us what it takes to live honourably and justly in this world. It wasn't money or assets. But it was an education!

I am not wishing you the bliss of Nirvana purely for selfish reasons. That is because I want you as my father in my journey through Sansara!

Till we meet again,
Loku Putha

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