Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blogging using Windows Live Writer (Beta)

I am posting this entry using Windows Live Writer. So let's see how this turns out.

Out of the tools that were listed on, this was one of the tools which I liked because I thought that it would enable me to post to multiple blogs. Seems it does, but strangely it did not allow me to setup a Live Spaces Blog! Talk about ironies!

And one more thing. I ran a spell check after writing this post and it caught blogging as a word that is mis-spelled. This in a blogging tool. That's funny!


Michael said...

For being a supposed techie buff, I'm a bit new to the whole blogging thing. I'm trying to configure Windows Live Writer to connect to my Blog at I'm not sure what I should be entering as my Weblog Homepage URL. I've tried the above and even; however, neither seem to detect the info required. Any ideas? tips?


Sampath said...

Hi Michael,

You have to enter as your web log home page and the user name and password for blogger account in the other two fields. It should work. That is how I configured.