Thursday, January 06, 2005

DotNtNuke - Version 3

I recently downloaded the DNN version 3 beta and installed it in my PC.

While the portal shows some definite improvements and administrator friendly features, I noticed a major difference from Version 2. It did'nt seem to support Access database. This is going to be a big problem when hosting web sites created using DNN portal engine, because, usually, MS SQL Server databases cost significantly more in terms of rental. This also menas that I'll neevr be able to host a DNN based web site on a free host cos, I cannot afford teh cost of paying for the SQL server database.

DNN team, please bring back support for Access data provider!


Anonymous said...

A data provider will be developed by Black Jacket Software:

We found we simply do not have the resources to maintain two providers for DNN. Black Jacket has been willing to fill the void with an Access provider, you can find out more information from their site.

Patrick Santry (

Alex Mosley said...

Appreciate you bloogging this