Friday, December 31, 2004

The year that was

Today is the 31st of December. Looking back at the year that was, my life has changed dramaticaaly during the past year. This is an attempt to list the things that affected and changed my life during the year. Some are happy, some sad, but at least for my reference I am trying to list them all.

1st March - The first event that I recall happening this year was change of jobs. I took up a new job as a Project Manager for a software company.

2nd April - The darkest day in my life! My beloved father passed away. He died of a heart attack. The strength that I had was gone! I was lost beyond words, we all were.

4th April - My fathers funeral. He was cremeated at 2.00 pm at Borella Kanatta.

8th July - My brothers wedding (Grand Oriental Hotel). It was both a happy and a sad day. Happy because he was marrying his sweetheart of 6 years. Sad because, my father was not around to see him the poruwa.

11th July - Malli's home coming. Wasn't a big do. Just a small function at home to welcome the newly weds.

5th August - My engagement. We made it official! Only one thing was missing - my dad!

20th August - My Wedding (TransAsia - Pool Side) - The day that I had been waiting for! I was marrying the person who stood by me durin g the darkest period of my life and who gave me the strength to carry on. Could'nt believe I got married. An year ago, I would have never thought of getting married around this time. thank you thaththi, the girl you found for me, reaaly made a difference in my life! Wish you were around!

22nd August - My Home coming. Well, it was the culmination of things! Things went on cool! Thanks bro, for running around and getting things done! You were a great strength to ammi!

05th Dec - Convocation for Keele University. I got my degree of M.Sc in IT. The result of a couple of years of fun, hard work, good times, sleepless nights and above all, a few good friendships!

26 Dec - Survived the Tsunamis that hit Sri Lanka. Was mighty lucky to be amidst of the waves and to survive to tell about it!

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