Friday, December 01, 2006


I have passed the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam! Now I am a PMP.

In my last post about the PMP examination I mentioned that there were a lo tof questions which I felt could be very subjective. I am glad to note that my thinking is in line with what PMI designates as body of knowledge in project management.

Also, with this exam I have completed my professional development objective for the year. This was a target that I had set for myself sometime back, but I was not sure about covering it this year as the PMP exam in Sri Lanka kept getting postponed. With the constant postponements, I also sort of lost my touch on the knowledge areas and I had to completely study from scratch. But I am glad to fulfil my objective at least towards the latter part of the year.

I wish to thank a few people who made this possible for me. First I would like to thank Madu Fernando, who was my trainer in the accredited educational program, Aruna Kooragamage and the PMI Colombo chapter team for organizing the exam in Colombo. And Kevin, thanks for pushing me. Last, but not least my family, specially my wife who kept pushing me to study and taking all responsibilities of the baby and freeing me to study. Thank you love! tags: , , ,

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Anonymous said...

Great to know that you are finally a PMP now!

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