Monday, April 03, 2006

Ten Principles of Highly Ethical Business Leaders

I found these ten principles in a mail that I received from a colleague. This was a publication by the Institute For Business, Technology & Ethics.
  1. Treat all employees as unique, valuable individuals - Never treat anyone as though (s)he is dispensable, without value or just a number.
  2. Support each employees freedom, growth and development - Never view anyone through stereo types and images, or as fixed and unchangeable.
  3. Communicate to employees by name with respect - Never use or impose demeaning, trivializing, or derogatory names on others.
  4. Model and encourage a balanced life of good work and rest - Do not adopt policies or make demands on employees that undermine balanced lives.
  5. Honor and respect employee families - Never undervalue the significance of families and friends of employees.
  6. Protect employees' life, safety and health - Never harm or jeopardize the physical well being of anyone.
  7. Create a working environment free of sexual harassment - Do not allow communication or activity that is sexually inappropriate.
  8. Be fair and just in financial matters - Never tolerate unfair wages, prices or financial practices.
  9. Communicate honestly and truthfully - Never mischaracterize people, products, services or facts.
  10. Cultivate a positive attitude towards others and thier accomplishments - Do not give in to envy or the temptation to take credit for the work of others.

I think these are very good practices for any business leader to follow. These practices will build trust and faith. The relationship between the leader and the employees will be one based on trust and this will naturally lead to better results. Because now that the leader will discover that his/her employees are motivated than ever.

As the saying goes, the relationship is worth more than any short-term result.

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