Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Winning by Jack Welch

I finished reading Winning by Jack Welch today. (While I was waiting for my wife to come after work). I had been reading it for over a month now. It had far too many valuable advices to be grasped in one stretch of reading. Hence I read through the book not skipping a single part, even if some of them were not really immediately relevant to me.

Overall the book was very good. It covered the whole gamut of management, things that are usually not covered in a single book. Obviously, the man has seen it all and done it all. And most interestingly the book is filled with past experiences and real world examples and was a real insight on how the corporate operates and more importantly on how to create a winning culture in an organization.

More importantly the book enabled me look at myself and my performance from the point of view of the boss. A critical evaluation of my performance. A real eye opener that not only opened my eyes, but also gave tips and advice on winning on the job as well. Hopefully I will be able to make use of them. Also, I look forward to writing about some of the topics in the book.

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