Friday, October 14, 2005

Tech.ED 2005 Sri Lanka


Learn.. Solve.. Grow.. was the theme.

Today was the end of the first ever Tech.Ed in Sri Lanka. Overall the sessions were good. The speakers were very good and delivered the stuff pretty well. I suppose everyone would have enjoyed the sessions and would have learned at least one thing new.

I for one, found a almost all of the sessions that I attended pretty interesting and informative. I managed to gather the an overall picture of the capabilities of the .NET 2.0, specially new enhancements and capabilities towards developing for mobile devices. I picked up pointers on where I need to concentrate.

But to be honest, I found that I was aware of most of the things they were telling. So I guess I was not so bad in terms of keeping up. Importantly, I know what I can do new with VS.NET 2005 and I am looking forward to that.

Learn I did. Solve I look forward to. Grow, will come along naturally!

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