Sunday, August 28, 2005

Losing an unborn child

The saddest that can happen to a person is losing of a loved one. But when this loved one is your unborn child, you have a feeling of complete and utter loss, because it takes away a heap of hopes you had pinned on the future.

Losing a child is the most sorrowful event a parent can face. Losing an unborn child is the most painful experience for parents to be. Though his existence has been only for a few months within his mothers’ womb, still the loss is the same. Medical science may say that his chances for survival was only 80% and that the other 20% has taken precedence in this instance, but that is no explanation to a weeping heart. That does not bring any consolation or mend the shattered dreams of sharing the life with him or all the plans we had for him. And that day, 19th of August will be one of the darkest days of our lives.

Though you did not exist in this world even for a day and that you had no identity in this world, for your mother and I, you will be our first child that we never had. Though you are not with us and we never got to see your face, you will be our first (un)born.

Until the day we meet again… good-bye my child.

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