Friday, May 06, 2005

Soul Assassins

Interesting article. Contrary to the general views. The article summary reads "The employees are probably the worst thing that happened to a company".

Well I've always known that there are people who thought otherwise. People who did not agree with the popular beliefs and culture. But when those people are trying to popularize their own contrary ideas and trying to become the popular culture, now that's something to think about.

An interesting article anyway. Read it. Soul Assassins

It puts out a few bold ideas hat most of us secretly admit. Most of us are not happy in our jobs. But we are not meant to find happiness. If we are working to make happy, the work may not necessarily make us happy. Of course if you are really passionate about your work and can go on engrossed in work for days, then maybe you are one of those happy people at work.

I guess you have to find some kind of meaning to your job. If you are just in the job for the money then you would not be motivated to do exceptional things. You would just do the minimum that is expected out of you. After all, if you are going to get paid the same if your company makes 1 million in profits or two million, would you care?

I guess the crux is, different people will find different factors that motivates them. And trying to apply the same formula to all of them and expecting uniform results, will not simply work.

Reminded me of something else that I read today: " Hire for attitude. Skills can be taught."

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