Monday, April 18, 2005

Back to work!

Hmm It's Monday. You know the usual feeling. After the holidays coming to work was a total let down. Specially after a week end out of Colombo, with my baby! That was totally fun.

As usual Mondays are a bit boring and a bit dragging. Everybody is draggin g their feet a little bit too slow. So need to breathe some energy into these folks.

Well I am waiting to see a mail from Singapore. As usual, I have a feeling they might want us to do something that is erally CRITICAL aroung 5.30 pm. Well it's 5.00 and still no mail. ANd if a mail doesnt arrive within the next 30 mins I'll be lucky.

I'm still trying to figure what I like about this job. Is it the pressure that they put us in?

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