Thursday, October 07, 2004

Romeo & Juliet

Went to see R&J (as it is titled this time around - I think the acronym craze is hitting on the literary circles as well!). It was a theatrical marathon of over three hours, with a refreshing difference!

To start with I loved the musical score. I think Feroze had attepted to tranform the classic somewhat, at the same time, he had tried to retain the Barts' classical side in it as well.

The music was fantastic. The cast had some major singing talent (assuming it's them that sang the songs). Feroze had selected songs that suits the moments, amazing!

But I think that Romeo was not as strong as I expected. The supporting cast was pretty srong and at times appeared to have overshadowed Romeo. Having said that, I saw the drama only once and this drama has two actors playing the same part on different days, so I dunno about the other actor.

To be honest, towards the end it kinda became boring. I saw a few falling asleep, and I dosed off a few times too! I think shortening would help (just a thought)!

Last but not least, it was the first drama I went to see with my wife! And I enjoyed it throughly! I chose to go for R&J over Micheal Learns To Rock concert, and I think it was a wise decision. Watching all those romance scenes with my love next to me was a feeling I cant explain in words! Made me fall in love all over again!

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